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Angelic: Project

This garment was all about mindfulness. Mindfulness is being aware of the present moment while calmly acknowledging a person’s feelings, thoughts, and sensations. When creating this garment she closed her eyes and meditated for about 20 minutes. Meditation is not something she does often, being someone who loves to always be on the move and constantly doing. Was then told to imagine my happy place and this is what was seen. In this happy place there is a field of grass and everything is glowing in the sun. There are flowy dress-es and lots of butterflies, flying over a field of daisies. In such a chaotic and scary world it is sometimes nice to just imagine you are somewhere peaceful. This garment was created based on peace of mind, when anxious, scared, or worried, this is a place of calmness

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Angelic: Pro Gallery

The entire garment is sheer to represent the sun shining through. Underneath the sheer organza dress you can see matching butterfly undergarments. These are meant to show the butterflies and peace during the mediation. Lastly, there is a mask to go along with it because this garment was made about a happy place when life was difficult and the future was blurry. It is meant to show that even at a time of chaos there is still happiness.

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